I met up with an engineer a few weeks ago that subscribed to the "high" school of thought. I ran a pitot tube check at the return duct and reset the airflow for the required cfm by units chart( Trane has the required cfm on the charging chart).
He gets bent out of shape because the airflow is less (much more correct than before) and that his other unit blows a lot, and this unit was on high before, and HE DON"T CARE WHAT TRANE SAYS to set the airflow at. Because hes an engineer and knows it should be on hi.

If the airflowe is right at the unit, and you don't have duct leakage, you won't neccessarily feel airflow x distance from the registers. If you cranked up the flow just to be doing it, it would throw off the system from proper operation

Bryancorfu-The idea of not feeling/sensing the a/c operate is aslo called "transparency".