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    I have an existing A/C compressor in my back yard. I want to pave parts or all of my back yard. What should I do with the existing compressor? Do I simply go around it, simply putting in an expansion joint between it an any new cement or should I have it removed, then pave, then reinstall? Does it matter either way? I kind of like the idea of the compressor on it's own separate pad because I have had a bunch of cement crack around some brick stairs due to the weight of the stairs and have assume that if it were on it's own pad that would not have happenned (so I am biased).

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    Have a local HVAC contractor recover the refrigerant and remove the unit until your concrete work is done and cured. Then he can reinstall it. You might consider having
    "pump-ups" installed under it when they reinstall it. That way you can keep the area below it clean. An AC unit should crack concrete unless the concrete is thin or poorly mixed.

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    LEAVE IT ALONE and tell the cement finishers to stay the **** away from it--and dont bury the line set in concrete

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    have the unit removed and put back after the cement is dry
    the unit is not heavy enough to crack cement. if you are still concerned then as doc said or have ruber isulation pads put under it. chances are if they try to pour arround it you will have a damaged unit.

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    And some day have to replace it and find the newer high efficiency stuff wont fit in the same hole.

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