hey i just recently started working for a hospital. they have two trane low pressure chillers i believe(200 ton and a 300 ton) and a 150 ton carrier chiller. I went to hvac school but never learned anything about chillers besides what i read in our book on my own. I learned a little in the short time i've been with the hospital. Us maintenance guys don't really get to do much work on the chillers. Usually trane technicians are called in. I still want to expand my knowledge on them though because they interest me so much more than regular residential units or rooftop units. Wondering if you guys have any suggestions of books i could read or articles? I'm hoping to get the manual on the chillers at the hospital so i can read them. Any help or advice or words of wisedom would be much appreciated. Hoping to maybe get good enough with them that i could do a majority of the maintenance on them and what not. Thanks!!