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I'm not sure who you're referrig to Dash. But if ever there were a water carrier it has to be you. You're technical qualifications are not in doubt. But reading your posts one would think that you must always pick Carrier, always choose 410-A and always put in high end filtration. I'm sure you'd disagree with that assessment and that's OK.

My personal philosophy on all of those topics is summed up with the word "whatever". Whatever the customer wants I'll give them so long as it isn't a scam. Brand and refrigerant types have little meaning to me because you simply can't prove one is better than the other. The day that you can will be the day I change my mind. Perhaps this study is a step in that direction. But in the mean time I remain open minded about any brand and any refrigerant. That doesn't seem to be the case with you, which is the very thing you seem to be criticizing of others.
Guity as charged,up to a point.

Yes, I think Carrier's Infinity or Thermidistat,is the best choice for residential homes.

Yes,I think people should buy the top of the line for comfort first,and efficency second.

Yes, I think puron/R410a is the better chice in refrigerant.

Yes , I have an opinion.

You state you are open minded,on refrigerants,that's not the way I read your posts(I bet baldie included you on the R22 side,LOL),including this one,and there's nothing wrong with that.Same goes for brand,what you say here,versus you website,which if I choose to sell Trane,I'd do the same.

As for criticizing,that's not my intent(at least not the majority of times),but it is my intent to disagree.I'll try to be more careful in how I phrase things.