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    I installed a 12 Seer 38BRC036, enhanced coil, V speed furnace, short line set (8' tops). Charged SC method. Compressor is cutting out in internal over load. Any ideas

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    Post all the needed data for a competent answer to your question.

    Model number __
    Metering device __

    SP __ /T __ LP __ /T __
    ST __ LT __
    SH __ SC __
    AT __ CT __
    IWB __ IDB __
    Evap ST __ LT __
    Comp A __ Rated A __

    Have any pictures that you can post?

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    If the comp is kicking off on the internal overload , will he be able to take all of the required readings , temps , pressures?

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    Well he doesn't say how quick the compressor kicks out, but I'd hope it would take 'awhile' beings its a new install.

    He'd have to have something...?

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    With an 8' line set, You usually have to take some gas out.

    Did you leave it run for 15 minutes before checking the charge.

    If it won't run long enough to get the readings. Take some gas out, and try again.

    May have to recover, and weigh charge back in, minus the difference of the line set, and precharge length.
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