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    I'm trying to use a W7751G1003 actuator purely with 24 volts to drive it open and closed. I've taken the Excel board off and have RWWG for wires, thinking that R is hot and the two W's are common for power open and power closed. However, either that is not the case or I have a dead actuator. Or, the G wire figures in there somehow. While I understand the actuator is an ML6161, I don't know if special changes were made for the Excel module. The sticker shows 20-30VAC Rating, but that might be for the board to process. If anyone knows, I'd appreciate it.

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    The ML6161 actuator is a floating actuator (drive open/drive closed) and uses Red for clockwise rotation, Green for counterclockwise and the whites are common.
    I am not sure about the W7751G controller you have, it shows up as an obselete Honeywell part number. I am looking at a W7751H controller and the wiring scheme is the same, although they used blue wire instead of green.

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    Thank you for the information.

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