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    I'm looking for a good place to take a Refrigeration course in Virginia - preferably Northern Virginia. Also if they offer an EPA license/certification course that would be a plus. Thanks.

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    It's a long commute from Irving. Don't know of any in NOVA, but a couple of good ones in the Richmond area. How bout them Cowboy's anyway? I hear they are moving out of town? Welcome aboard!
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    If this were 1962 again I would highly recommend Columbia Technical Institute located across from the main entrance of that Army Fort in Arlington near Glebe Rd or close.

    But it is now a shopping center. It was one of the best schools around and even offered with a 2 year course, which I took. Look up the name to see if they are still around.

    The only one I know that still or use to give courses now would be Northern Virgina Community College. I'd try some of the local colleges. One of the best is right down the road a piece from you in Richmond, VA. They also offer a 4 year course.
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    HVAC Controls School, owned and operated by Richard Hobbs. He can be reached at 757-335-1875.

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