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    I posted a question in early June about an HS8-461 and it turned out to be 3.5 tons. I have another that I service that has a model #HS18-461-4P, can any of you fine Lennox dealers verify if this also a 3.5 ton? I'm replacing the unit (18 years old) and my load calc is providing me with a 3.5 ton heat gain anyway but I'm curious to know if I am actually swapping size for size despite the fact that I'll use 3.5 ton sizing anyway since my trusty HVAC-Calc program told me to. Thanks again in advance!

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    Same thing. Round down. 46 rounds down to 42,000. Works on all the sizes.

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    Thanks BaldLoonie, I pretty much guessed it would be you posting the answer I needed, and thanks for the rounding down input.

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