Okay, I have a question about putting a timer on my heat pump. You may have seen my earlier post about upgrading my windows and siding. I think my system is a little oversized now. IT's 4 ton in a 2800 s.f. house here in K.C. I talked to the HVAC guy about a new thermostat to replace my Honeywell, one that had a 2 degree differential. He's saying it would be cheaper and almost easier to just put an anti cycle timer on. Both the H.P. and thermostat have the normal 5 minute delay, so right now my off time is about 7-8 minutes on a 85 degree day with about 10 -12 minutes run time. I know I'm not in too bad of shape, but how does the anti cycle timer work? If we put one on that has a 5 minute delay, does it just delay the compressor? Or will it delay the air handler also? I'm assuming that when my thermostat calls for cool/heat after the afore-mentioned 7 minutes, the timer then will take over for another 5 minutes giving me a total of 12 minutes for a little more temp differential, and a little more run time. Sounds like it would work pretty good, and it's cheap to boot. As long as it also delays the air handler. Any down side to this guys? As always, thanks to everybody, I've learned a lot on this site!!