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Thread: subcooling

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    goodman, 2 ton, high efficiency, mid 90s, 15 foot lineset, bullet type metering device into cap tubes not txv.

    liquid line 167 psig on gauges 90 r 22
    liquid line temp 80
    suction line 69 psig
    ambient 73 degrees
    I'm not one hundred percent on what subcooling should be. I forgot the tp chart.

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    You should be charging by superheat

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    From the info you've given you're running a 10 degree subcooling. That's about normal.

    However, as prodiyer said, check and charge a piston (bullet) metering system with superheat. Difference between saturated vapor temperature in evap and temperature of suction line outside condenser is called "compressor superheat". It lets you know how well the compressor is being cooled and if your evap is running flooded, proper, or starved.

    Piston metered systems are critical charge. If you don't nail it, the system will suffer performance loss.
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    what should the superheat be. 12 is the number that comes to mind

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    Post all the needed data for a competent answer to your question.

    Model number __

    SP __ /T __ LP __ /T __
    ST __ LT __
    SH __ SC __
    AT __ CT __
    IWB __ IDB __
    Evap ST __

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    superheat was 65 minus 39. 26 on a 70 degree day

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    do you want me to make you a mollier diagram for you julz?

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    mod number is cj24 1ab

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    THanks to anyone who replies

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    your gonna need atleast the indoor wet bulb and outdoor temp to determine what your superheat should be.

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    thats not gonna happen today so i'll just get to it later. thanks

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    Originally posted by metaleraus
    do you want me to make you a mollier diagram for you julz?
    If people want correct answers... we need information to do so!
    If, you are not willing to get/or ask what some of the info needed is... why should we spend our time trying to help?

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