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    I work at an apartment complex that still has some of the original units (43 years old) and the most common major problem is the txv on the indoor coil. Since they are a pain in the butt to change (tight and hidden), i usually replace the whole unit. The txv is tight , but if i could find a flowrater it would be easy to replace. Now can someone tell me where i can find the assembly (shell and piston with compression fittings). Ive seen them before but don't know where to get them, ive already tried Johnstone. Please help

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    43 years old? I wouldn't blink twice about replacing a coil...for almost any reason! Patching stuff this old is just postponing the inevitable.
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    i know that but im very busy in this building and we are understaffed so this would be the difference between 2 hours or a whole day, all i need to do is find someone who sells these flowrater kits

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    another thing is they are ceiling mount fan coil about 300 lbs, and im alone half of the time........time is money

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