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    Hi after noticing my room air wasnt cooling off and eliminating any other possible problems I pulled the intake box away from the indoor coil and ran the system for about 10 minutes and discovered that only the portion closest to where the freon enters got cold in fact it iced up a tiny bit ...the other half of the coil never seemed to get cold ....any thoughts on what might caused that ?

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    If the half that was getting cold was next to the door you removed.

    Your starving the other half of the coil of air.
    The air will feel the free path and go out the open door, not the ductwork.
    With the door on it goes through the entire coil evenly.

    Also If you low on charge the temps won't be near what you need. And the coil will freeze up.

    Leave the door on and call a pro,
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    indoor coil only gets cold on one side

    Thanks for your advice ......the coil is flat like a car radiator (old 2 ton bryant)..I completely pulled the return air box away from the coil so that the return air surface of the coil was completely exposed with no restrictions yet only the section nearest the liquid/suction lines got cold as I watched it run for about 10 minutes. Hopefuly that describes the situation alittle better...any thoughts what might be the problem ?

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    "Room Air"?- Is this a PTAC or a split?

    "intake box"= return plenum?
    If split, coil on return side of AHU?

    Only gets sensibly cold and has frost at evap inlet(txv or cap?)?

    "Eliminating any other possible problems"-- such as?

    Unless I'm way off base, this is a textbook description of a very basic problem-

    "Leave the door on and call a pro,"
    Trenton Guy is registered as a "professional member".

    edit- any gauges on system yet? By the time I posted-you answered some of the ??'s

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    Yes,trentonguy should be posting in pro section.

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    Originally posted by rimek
    "Leave the door on and call a pro,"
    Trenton Guy is registered as a "professional member".
    I don't believe this guy is a 'pro'. I believe he is a DIY'er that signed up as a 'pro member'?

    Check this out.

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    indoor coil only gets cold on one side

    I bet someone put R-11 in the system that is why the coil only gets cold on one side, recover the freezon and charge with R-22 and both sides will get cold.
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    Mrbill, I think you called it right .
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