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    Most problems are originally related to dirt....

    Many are refrigerant related.....

    Very very few are electrical (not caused by dirt or refrigerant)......
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    Capacitors that say made in China or Mexico

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    condensing unit label say's made in prc(peoples republic of china).

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    So far Luskers answer covers most of the replies...

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    refrigerant leaks

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    Shoddy work that makes the equipment fail, due to working outside of its specifications!

    Then, lack of maintenance.

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    Air flow problems cause many of the conditions listed.

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    Homeowners that try to install energy saving automatic setback thermostats. They remove all of the wiring, then try to install the thermostat.Don't bother to TAG any of those wires! Then they know they are in trouble. Then they have to call me. Think of all the money they could have saved to pay for all of that energy they use to keep cool. Too bad they have to give it to me for a service call. So much for saving energy and money!

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    thanks people for all ur responses

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    It does not matter what the most common problems are. We are not in the business of throwing dice.

    What matters is the problem the system you are working on actually has!

    Use your troubleshooting skills and determine what YOUR problem or problems are. Often, systems have multiple problems. A system that has not been maintained usually has multiple problems.


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    Now you're talkin!!!


    Most frequent repairs on air conditioning / refrigeration:

    #10: Dog pee on condenser coil has destroyed aluminmum fins. (don't put animal down, they are only doing what comes naturally.)
    #9: Human pee on condenser coil has destroyed aluminum fins. (think about installing a urinal in the garage)
    #8: Neglect of air filtration, i.e. "you mean there's a filter in there!??"
    #7: Advice given homeowner from Home Depot.
    #6: Advice given homeowner from Lowes.
    #5: Advice given homeowner by any Home Inspector.
    #4: Shrink wrap applied to condenser over winter and not removed in spring.
    #3: Manual set back to 'off' position during day and setting to 50 upon arrival from work.
    #2: Attempt to access filter and failure to engage blower door interlock switch (very technical.)

    and the #1 reason for repairs on air conditioning / refrigeration:

    HOMEOWNERS with the attitude, "Hey, it ain't rockit science, watch this!!!"
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    #1 homeowner neglect
    #2 bosses pushing techs to get in and out on preseasons
    #3 techs with tunnel vision and dont look over the intire systen
    #4 inap techs that dont have a clue and skirting by
    #5 diy that thinks they can fix anything
    #6 dirty condenser coils mainly when landscapers aim the grass clipping at the unit
    #7 electrical in one way or another
    #8freon related
    #9power saver switches
    #10 all of the above

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    there is only ten problems in ac work. why do I carry hundreds of different parts?

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