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    I had a Mr. Slim heat pump unit installed in my upstairs master bedroom.

    I like the unit, but the blower seems to be always running, in both heat and cool operation. Is there any way to have it come on only when necessary? I understand for cooling it is supposed to stay on continuously, but I thought that in heating mode it cycled on as needed. I can tolerate the cool operation by turning it off when I am asleep (I'm in Denver and so long as the room is cool at night, it will stay cool). For heat, however, I do not want to have it running 24x7 in the winter.

    The noise is bothersome. Is there any setting I can have changed or an add on module I can have installed to cycle it on only as needed?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I don't know about Mr. Slim, but the Carrier's (Probally made by the same Asian companies) fan will only shut off when the unit is turned off. It sences the room temp by circulating air with the blower running at a real slow speed.

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    I just read your post and I have a question for you. I just had a Mr. Slim installed. Regarding the indoor unit, I am noticing that in addition to the sound of the air flowing out of the unit (a low pitch sound), I have a higher pitch sound coming from the unit as well. The higher pitch sound fluctuates with the fan speed. I think it may be due to air flow within the unit. I was wondering whether you are also hearing this higher pitch sound from your unit? I am actually a little disappointed with the loudness, especially when the unit is advertised as being so quiet.

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    try calling the hvac contractor that installed the units he can check out these issues could be problem with the installation or even a dirty filter if you want to read up on the operation its its a mitsubishi product.

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