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    Originally posted by jultzya
    Must be certified for a trailer installation!

    The only companies I'm aware of that are manufacturing products for trailers are...

    Coleman, Miller, and Thermopride.
    (and of coarse the sister names to these)
    Must be certified for a trailer is correct but there are other brands with sealed combustion that now are certified for mobile homes including Trane and York. The problem is unless you are going to tear out all the ducts and start over the blowers will not handle the static pressure required by trailer home duct systems. If you are going to use the existing ductwork choose the brands that Jultzya suggested and do not try any other brand unless you like headaches.

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    Somewhere I read that Goodman package unit is certified for a mobile installation. I could be wrong but it would be worth your while to look it up on their web site on the the front of one of their installation manuals.

    (reached over an opened a Goodman Products Catalog) Page 26 fro a PHKJ Series package unit and says "..and is approved for manufactured or modular homes."

    Looks like most if not all their residential package units have the same wording.
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    Which one lets you know what you are talking about

    He's not wanted over there either... LOL


    Originally posted by jultzya
    Originally posted by Carnak
    Learn how to use the quote feature, leave the ME routine over at usenet
    He's not wanted over there either... LOL
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