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    Absorbing this field

    Personally i think this is the perfect line of work for me..I have done construction, roofing, and other general outside jobs but this one takes the cake..Im finishing up tech school and my boss is giving me the thumbs up on providing me with proof that I have worked on his commercial equipment for over a year to get my journeymans its on to get more in depth with geo thermal units and then a masters so I can start a business.. any tip from other journeyman on taking the test or business owners on being successful in the field? any advise would be extremely helpful even the brutally honest



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    One thing is for sure. Knowing how to run a business is a make or break. I don't mean just knowing your trade. I mean knowing how to get paid and what to do with it once you do. I know a guy who is a very good hvacr tech. Been around it his whole life. He has been in business for over 30 years. Still only has one truck and very few tools. He is also always broke. Why? He can't run his business. Lets his calls go the the machine everytime. Always late to jobs or never shows up. Won't call people back. Forgets to bill customers! Learn how to be a good business man. (BTW I used to work for the guy I am talking about.)

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    you get a journeymans after a year??????

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