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    Originally posted by geocade
    My heart is with the HV system, but the ductless splits have a very tangible incentive ($$$$). They are quite a bit cheaper.

    Comfort cost money! there is no way around it.

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    So you do have room for a conventional system? Noise is a concern. But if that's you're only concern then conventional systems can be engineered for quiet. I sort of assumed that you were checking into ductless and HV because there was no room for conventional ducts.

    As far as the nice finish goes, have them put in the contract that any damage will be repaired by a third party of your choosing at the HVAC contractor's expense. That'll keep them on their toes.

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    If it is possible go with a conventional system, costs should be considerably lower for what you will gain. As far as possible damage, the contractor will be liable for it unless he specifically mentions it in your contract. We do retrofits like that all the time with very little or no damage whatsoever. For the drywall ceiling outlets I use a 6" hole saw in a cordless drill to turn the bit very slowly. Makes a clean hole and if you hold a shop vac beside it there is virtualy no dust. Getting the equipment into the attic and running the refrig lines are the only difficult thing. As far as a systim in the basement, as long as they are careful cutting the outlet holes there should be no problem.
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