We recently picked up a used 1986 Taylor Model 162 machine. Apparently the previous owner had a problem with the capacitor on the compressor tank for the unit's hoppers. They were able to find one on the web but were unsure of the wiring connections so they never did anything with it. I have no experience working on these machines and can not find a wiring diagram for this machine online so I am hoping that someone can assist me with what is probably a very simple problem. All I need to know is where the three connectors plug onto the capacitor. Here is what I know.

There are three wires that need to be connected made up from two different bundles of wires. The first bundle of wires has a white, black and green wire. The second bundle is simply a white and black. Connector one is simply the white wire from the first bundle. The second connector has the black wires from both bundles and the final connector is simply the white wire from the second bundle.

The capacitor has a plug on the top left with an "N" next to it. A plug on the bottom in the center with a C below it and then a dual prong plug on both the left and the right side of the capacitor. Could anyone offer me any advice on where I should connect the wires? Other than this one problem the unit works great. I would call a tech but we do not have any Taylor techs in the area.