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    I have a friend who specs equipment for a large construction company. He claims that in hot temps ( ie anything above 85 or 90 F ) a heat pump is not as efficient at cooling as an air conditioner. From his observations – heat pumps tend to run all that time at those temps, while the air conditioner cycles on and off more.

    Any truth to this?

    Thanks - Dan

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    A BTU is a BTU whether it is being put out by a straight cool unit or a heat pump.

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    Based on the little information you have provided with your question,and assuming both systems are seeing the same heat load,and are rated the same,then theoretically the heatpmps are more efficient.This is based solely on the statment that the AC's were cycling while the Hp's ran constantly.

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    A heat pump has more capacity in the "heating" cycle than it does in the "cooling" cycle.

    In addition, the efficiency in cooling is rated in SEER while the efficiency in heating is rated in HSPF.

    To more directly answer your question since air conditioning efficiencies vary according to their SEER rating you would only be able to compare a heat pump in the cooling cycle to a straight AC unit by looking at each of their SEER ratings.

    So, the answer depends upon the two units being compared. There is no general statement that can be made that one is better at cooling than the other.

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