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    never happen
    dont buy from no install
    next you want me to warrenti it too

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    You can buy all you want to, and can ask all you want to, but no ones obliged to help you at your price.

    And people wonder why you can't get good help anymore? Equipment is a commodity, labor IS NOT. You cut commodity costs by cutting production costs, you cut labor costs by getting cheaper (lower quality) labor.
    Col 3:23

    questions asked, answers received, ignorance abated

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    I would never do that. I dont know anyone that would

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    I dont' have much say over it in our company, but I don't see nothing wrong with it. Just add the $$$ you'd make if you sold the equipment to the bid, some extra labor... make a good ammount from it. Prolley wouldn't get it anyway... but ya never know.

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    I priced one once for a guy. He got sticker shock and never called again. If the price is right, why not?

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    Originally posted by BaldLoonie
    As long as you get enough for labor, why not do it. Of course anyone so cheap as to buy through the net isn't going to pay for a good job
    Which is exactly why it's easier to say no and go on... rather than have them think you are a theft!
    (for charging a reasonable fee)

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    If you want ot look at this situation from a purely business stand point then the question is "why not?"
    It is really a very good deal if approached properly.

    First you would normally take your equipment, put your price on it and mark it up. Why wouldn't you also mark up what someone else furnishes. Why should you be willing to lose the profit on a portion of a job you are doing. Plus, you get the marked up profit and never even had to pick up the equipment and deliver it. What a deal! Another plus is, since it was bought on the internet, there is no warranty. Just put a fixed hourly rate for warranty calls starting from the day the system went into beneficial use. If the manufacturer won't supply parts, work a deal out with the client for what warranty parts would cost. And, Wallah, what a deal!

    Everyone *****es they wouldn't touch a job like that. Well if you want it stopped, then bid them like above and see how long it takes for it to stop. Otherwise, do the deal and run to the bank. But hurry before the smart client who though he was saving money figures out how bad the deal really was.
    Good luck.

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    We can all agree that we don't like the fact that this situation exists, but reality dictates that it does. If I was faced with the situation of installing a unit such as this versus not having work to do, I really wouldn't have to think about it very long. Under the correct circumstances, I don't have a problem doing this work. We all know the drawbacks, i.e. warranty is carried by the equipment provider, we assume no responsibility for any problems associated with the unit, etc. If I can get top dollar for my labor, then why not? Guys, it's gonna happen anyway, and we're addressing the wrong problem! What we should be doing is getting in the faces of the distributors that insist on selling directly to the public.

    Yes, we are a vital part of the process. No, an installation cannot take place without us. But, is it a viable source of income, absolutely! And, I have been able to generate additional work as a result of working with customers under these circumstances.
    Everyone has a purpose in life..........even if it's to be a bad example.

    Seek first to understand, before seeking to be understood.

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