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    Just had a new HVAC system installed on Thrs/Fri this week. After looking things over, I have a couple of questions.

    1. Seems to be alot of air moving between where the coils sit on top of the furnace and the furnace. Is this supposed to be sealed?

    2. The Furnace is a 92% and vents thru PVC out the side of the house. Also has an intake PVC run to supply air to the furnace. I live in a very wooded area, and have lots of critters/bugs. Hornets/wasps/yellow jackets will start building anywhere they can get into. Should I have any kind of cap or screen on the exterior intake/exaust?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Location!, Location!

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    I think you allready know the answers. Atleast I hope so !

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    Well, as a consumer, I dont pretend to have all the answers. Thats why I paid to get this done. The air leak around the coil I was pretty sure needed to be sealed up, possible oversite by the installer.

    As to the screen/vent cap question, I really had no clue. In looking at other vent/intakes on other houses, I have never seen screens/caps. I didnt know if this would be an issue in the winter under freezing conditions. Im guessing that there is a certain amount of moisture comming out of the vent.

    Just looking for opinions before I write the check.

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    Pay no mind to prodiyer. He's a communist infiltrator trying to steal our precious bodily fluids. I think his banishment from the forum and hopefully our homeland is eminent. Don't believe me? Just look at the heat tape thread he started. It's hilarious.

    Anyway, yes that air leak should be sealed. If they declared the job done without doing so then that is a concern.

    Fortunately for me I live in an urban jungle and don't have to deal with many critters. But even I've cleared out a few wasp nests. So yes, that is a concern. Since it is such a rare problem for me I haven't come up with a great solution. Perhaps a plastic screen material would do the trick. Though it can't be too fine a mesh otherwise it'll clog up with whatever and choke the air off.

    Give the thread some time and someone may have a good idea for protecting the pipes.

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