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    Looks like this thread has headed toward the comedic side, so as long as you bring up saunas, when we built this house in 1998 we installed a steam generator in the master shower. The builder asked me why I wanted to do that, since, as he put it, "This whole place is a steam bath".

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    Maybe your duct are not leaking air over the garage. Get some good duct sealent and seal the hell out of every pin hole leak that you see and see how it goes!
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    Re: New Concepts ?

    Originally posted by dan sw fl
    Originally posted by beachwalker
    Thanks... According to their meter, relative humidity in the attic was 100 % this morning and temp was 101.

    Any thoughts on these ideas?

    Could I get your Attic SPECS
    so that I can develop and copyright a Cheap SAUNA?
    I'm thinking the word "shower" comes to mind.

    Or, alternatively, and, more believably, cheap meter.

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