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    LON Integration with MNL series


    We are integrating with a Micronet MNL-100, MNL-150 and MNL-200 Series Controllers type of controller.

    However, we cannot see the NVs that describe the Input/Output state(s) of the inputs/outputs (digital and analog).

    Is there any way to see the NVs related to the hardware I/O (e.g. can't see the Fan Status input).

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    I may be wrong (not the first time today), but I believe the points have to be exposed through WorkplaceTech.
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    Its pretty easy actually...first of all tell me that what at ur front end is it jace or Unc or LNC...the snvts should be connected at the output of each block while programing the controllers through workplace techtool and same snvt should be link for getting the output of that particular block in your network controller...but first u need to commission the controller and creates image file at ur netwrok controller end (i.e jace/unc/LNC)
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    I may be wrong (not the first time today), but I believe the points have to be exposed through WorkplaceTech.

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    MNL are LonMark profile .... but they are freely programmable and the snvts can be assigned in the program/wiresheet.

    Maybe they used a standard app for FCUs etc ... but unlikely, most standard apps are full of useless clutter and they tend to be stripped bare and made functional

    You'll prolly need WorkPlaceTech Tool v4-ish to be able to upload a program and see, otherwise its a guess.
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    Hello all, first post in this forum.
    I have an MNL800 that several SNVT's do not update automatically. I have AO points in my Workplace Pro that ties to nvi_temp SNVT's in the MNL800. When I command the AO points it updates in the controller ok but after a couple of minutes they return to NA in the controller. I have tried many things but I am not sure if the AO points are the problem or the SNVT's. If the AO was capable of sending a new value every minute (update) I'm pretty sure it would work ok. Not sure how to make the AO's do that.
    Any help is appreciated.

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    Haven't worked with that controller, but may others will do the same if send times are left to the default value of 0. Look for min and max send times, typically SCPTs. Set your max send time at least 4 x that of your min. send time.
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