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Thread: Trane XL14i

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    I just changed out a noisy(knocking) Trane compressor last week on a brand new Trane 11.seer unit... no installation fault was involved, just a dud. It cooled the house well, too bad the customer wasn't deaf. It was the same style compressor as the one in my XL14i that I just put in my house three months ago (my system is very quiet).

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    I recalled that Trane doesn't use scrolls below 2.5 ton except the 2 stage. So that was one big diff between the 2 units the original poster had.

    I asked our A-S tech rep recently if he saw any problems in the last few years since recip production moved from Tyler to south of the border. He said biggest thing was increase in noise complaints. Even the deluxe 10 SEER from both brands have a wrap around them. Doesn't help much.

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    A new 1.5 ton compressor was installed today. The noise was not completely eliminated but resulted in approximately 1/2 to 3/4 reduction. The problem is that the neighbors unit is now noticably noisy.

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