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Thread: my head hurts.

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    If you ever visit saratoga go look at the firehouse at the gap,They completly remodeled it.I`m doing a custom home off quito rd. now.BIGBIRD,in the concrete jungle of san jose.

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    Heres my thought FWIW. If you plan on being there for quite some time, consider a 13 SEER R-410A system. The reason I suggest this is because next year 13 SEER is the minimum and in 2010 410A will be the only refrigerant. Why? Becuase if you install a 10 SEER R-22 system and someday whish to replace it, you will be looking at a total system replacement. Now I suppose its possible to find a coil that matches a 10 SEER outdoor unit that may even give you 11 or more AND will also match a 13 SEER outdoor unit but the coil will still need changed when you go to R410A.

    Also the 13 SEER systems today generally have a few extras. This may include pressure switches not found on builder grade systems. It may also include a crankcase heater and sound blanket. The sound rating among the same brand is generally lower as well but as Iriscable pointed out no so much from brand to brand. You may also see a better warranty.

    This is not required but merely a suggestion for you to consider. I too would go with 90+ furnaces but no sense in buying them now, the 80's are already installed. FYI the 80+ furnaces are generally slightly louder than a sealed combustion 90+. Another thing is 2 stage. Make note that 2 stages are for comfort not efficiency. While the operating efficiencies are close the multiple stages alow for more even comfort by forcing longer run times. I suppose in reality you may actually add to the operating costs because of the added run time but the comfort is usually worth it. It takes X btuhs to heat or cool the space over the course of a day, they will burn the same amount of gas but might use a little more power. In cooling, longer run times take you more to EER since there is less cycling.

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    Again, thank you to everyone for all the suggestions. I am a recent widower, raising three small kids and I am a bit overwhelmed and concerned about making the wrong deciscions regarding buying a home. It's been a year of intense looking and three house purchases that fell out because of inspection concerns.

    Hey Bigbird, my last name happens to be Bird and I lived right off of Quito Rd growng up. Shopped at Gene's Quito and even worked there during college. Small world.

    So, it's sounds like it might make sense to install the Trane XL14i because of the warranties and the compressor sound enclosure versus the XB10 the builder was putting in. Suppossedly the load for each floor of the house was rated at 1.5 tons (the HVAC) companies numbers. The HVAC company is saying that I should go with a 3 ton each (2 A/C 's) because "you don't like being hot". I have read so much about the concerns of overloading, that I am suspiscious (isn't manual J factoring in an percentage of extra load already?).

    Also, given that the builder has already installed the two Trane 80's, if I have them pulled out and replaced, how much of a 90% do I need? XV 90's, single stage 90"s, Is the noise substantially reduced? Comfort substantially increased?

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    I would NEVER put a 90+ furnace in un-conditioned space due to potential freezing concerns of the condensation from the unit. Stick with the 80% in the attic, also i find 80% units to be generally more reliable. One service call in 5 years and all your 80-90% savings are gone.

    Keep what the builder recommends since that is also whats included for the $$$$.
    Aire Serv of SW Connecticut- Gas heat, dual fuel and central a/c systems installed and serviced

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    Extended warranties can be had on most any level unit. And sound... that's a benefit. But still the Rheem dealers are just so darned sure that their 10 SEER units are so quiet. The 12's are pretty good too.

    If you want the better stuff and you do so informed then God bless. I LOVE selling high end stuff. I make more money that way. I just don't like it happening on false premises.

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