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Thread: Orfice size

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    I am putting a 2.5 ton condensor and evaporator in my house and noticed the orfice in the evaporator is a .067 and the condensor has a .063. Is this going to be a problem? I work on mobile a/c and transport refrigeration where everything is pretty much txv.

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    Should use the one that comes with the outdoor unit. SOP with most brands anyway as the coil often can be used with a couple sizes of outdoor units.

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    Its also printed in the spec sheets or installation instructions which to use. The coils come with one but remember that coil can be used with many different outdoor units so the likelyhood it is correct is to great.

    If the indoor coil and outdoor unit is not a rated match then you get to decide which piston to use since you have engineered the system. There is rarely any documentation to support unrated systems.

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    they put an orfice with the condenser because it matches the
    unit so if the orfice in the coil is differant then it needs to be changed.

    a .67 orfice is larger than a .63 orfice, that will cause
    the superheat to be lower.

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    Thanks to all that replied. I will change the piston to the .063 and see how this is going to work.

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