on 7/2/05: 2p ambient= 89F, 59%RH when powered vent fan kicked on;
ran till 4:15p when attic reached 95F;

energy= 1/6hp for 2.25h @ $0.05783 = $0.0162

attic= 3.67ft hi, 24ft wide, 39.1ft long. three 3x8 inch vents at 2 gable ends + six 10 x16 inch louvers on soffit at lower part of gambrel roof which is about bottom of 3 rd level floor --

conditioned space = 2133sf, 78F @ 63%RH trilevel

one 5000btu/h window a/c in office with one 400w computer, 225w monitor, scanner, 350VA UPS running since 6:30am, another 250 w computer running about half of same time.

sorry, the cfm rating on the powered vent fan is painted over -- about 14 inch diam sleeve. 1974 vintage