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    I have a 1 story home with basement. Square footage is 1050 feet. I have triple-pane storms, extra insulation in the attic, and live in Kentucky (moderate climate). I am getting estimates for new furnace & a/c. I have already decided to go 14 SEER with the a/c, but have gotten comflicting opinions on compressor size. 1 contractor's bid was for a 2 ton unit with 2 1/2 ton coil. The other 3 contractors bid was for a 2 1/2 ton unit with 3 ton coil.

    My current system is a 1977 Carrier, 2 1/2 with 3 ton coil
    and does a great job, but I have recently had a minor repair done and feel it's time for replacement.

    Price difference is of no concern, but I would like opinions on what size unit would best fit the environment of my home.


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    Originally posted by bernm
    I would like opinions on what size unit would best fit the environment of my home.
    Your selected contractor should calculate the heat gain of your home (a "Manual J") and then size the ducts and equipment appropriately. If your two contractors who have bid so far haven't done a heat gain calculation, then you need to call in a third (or fourth) contractor.

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    I'm glad price is no ojbect cuz you won't get a payback on a little 14 SEER in Kentucky.

    Hope it gets sized properly, so many small homes & condos are so oversized. Sounds like a 2 ton house to me. Larger indoor coils mean less dehumidification but with high SEER, sometimes you have to. Be sure blower speed is set to no more than 400 cfm per ton. To get 14 SEER, most brands will need a variable speed blower.

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