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    I am trying to see what the load is for an open basement floor plan. I am having trouble with understanding what to punch in for the hvac-calc used by most on this site. Heres what I have 1450 sq. feet (all open with exception of a bathroom which is 5x7 with no windows an 3' door) only one door which is standard french door and one 3'x4' window which face the south side. What gets me is the question about grade levels for instance the west side 44' long with maybe half the house 5' below grade and gradually slopes to above grade. how would I determine what to punch in when it asks for 5' above or below grade for this section of 8" block and 4" brick wall.

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    Bust it up into three sections.

    The half where it is 5 ft below grade should be no problem.

    Bust up the other half into two sections, half of it 5 ft feet below grade, the other half on grade.

    Or 3/4s at 5 feet below grade, one quarter on grade.

    The overall number should be the same, the basement is open, no big deal.

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    It's been a while since I've checked. But the last I heard you can get free support from HVAC-Calc's chief during extended business hours. If you've purchased it then you're entitled. If you're running the demo then it won't give you any useful information anyway.

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