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Thread: Replacing A/C

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    Today I had my Trane central AC XL 1200 (12 SEER) repaired. The repair person told me the unit was originally installed in 1989.

    He repaired the unit, but eventually recommended replacing the unit with another 12 SEER unit. By installing a 12 SEER, he won't have to open the furnace if I selected a higher SEER?

    Is 12 SEER the way to go verus a higher SEER
    Is the XL13i 12 SEER?
    Is the XL13i the best 12 SEER Trane model?

    I am in northern New Jersey and use the unit 3-4 months per year.

    Thanks for any info.

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    Open the furnace? Wonder what he means. Not changing the indoor coil? Depending upon what was installed with the XL1200, may be able to reuse that coil with a new Trane. I thought the XL13i was discontinued however.

    What SEER depends upon where you are located. In a mild climate with good juice rates, 12 is just fine. If rates or high or summer long, may be worth going higher though much higher may require a variable speed blower inside if you don't already have.

    What did he fix? A minor repair doesn't mean you need to be thinking about replacement soon.

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