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    Went to estimate a job this evening and found a real antique. It's a Carrier Model number 38CC002300 cond unit and a 38F2-108 evaporator. These things were really neat, still running! Had, TXV's mounted outside of evaporator casing, all the refrigerant piping was hard piped, a great looking install. The condensate piping was galvanized! The house was built in the 1930's. I wish I had my digital camera I would have taken some pics.

    Does anyone know the approx age of these units, I'm just curious. I couldn't get a serial #.
    Sean Cantrell

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    I cant tell you exactly without a serial number, but I remember those units.

    Those would have been somewhere around 1975.
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    Those little canned hams seemed to last forever. We took out a CQ heat pump this week. The old Carlyle finally gave it up.

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