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    I work for Sears doing residential heating and air repair. Also refrigerators and freezers. We carry a very nice Itronics lap top. We have parts diagrams/lists for almost everything. It is very helpful.
    I have a little after hours repair biz going and hope to go full time soon. How hard is it to get good parts lists on CD for various brands of HVAC units? Any easier than getting classified docs from CIA?

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    Not that I'm aware of. But I'm not aware of much.

    Now for the uncalled for cynicism:
    No doubt you're stealing your employer's customers to start you tax cheating side jobs. Why not steal your employer's parts data as well?

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    Are for music. If you want diagrams go to Sears dot whatever and look under parts. I guess it would come in handy if your trying to find a compressor for a 30 year old Whirlpool (6 SEER) for an old lady that lives on Social secqurity, wouldn't want to mess up her 400 dollar a month power bill.

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    First off, I don't steal my employers parts or customers. I have my on van , my own tools and my own parts. If anything, I use more of my own stuff on my company's van than I should.

    I guess you two have ripped people off so much you think everybody does when they have a chance.

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    My Lenox supplier signed me up for Dave-net.
    I get a CD about every 6-12 months....

    Those who dance, appear insane to those who do not hear the music.
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    Relax gunny. I'm just yanking your chain.

    I in fact have told more than one boss to go to hell when they wanted me to do something unethical. And I started my own biz primarily because I couldn't find someone both competent and honest to work for.

    But... Anytime someone moonlights my statement would be accurate 9 times out of 10. If you're not aware of the crap that goes on in this trade then you've got your eyes closed. Of course... working for Sears might mean exactly that.

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    More often than not, CD literature requires a subscription since part numbers, and updates otherwise change frequently. There is also cost invloved in ripping, formatting, updating, and mailing CD's so anticipate some cost. Sears has the cash let them subscribe if they want you to be more efficient. Better yet, if you carry the laptop, have them invest in a wireless card so you can access the web sites and always access the lates documents because even a 4-6 month interval between discs has a few things that change after they are mailed.

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