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    I had one of my beginner tech's respond to a service call on a large R12 system that cools an industrial control pulpit. One of the gage lines blew off the high side and 'some' of the charge was lost to the point it was no longer cooling well. He thought that MP39 was a drop in for R12 and added about 10 lbs into a system that contains about 100 lbs R12. It is working but is not cooling well and lots of bubbles in sightglass (may still be undercharged). TXV and receiver in system so subcooling not a good indication of charge. Any ideas other than recover and refill?

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    if i was the customer you would be pulling the charge and recharging with clean r12. other than that you can recharge it with something else. i would not leave it mixed. that is the price you pay by sending unexperience tech to jobs like this. i am all for training people but they need to ask questions if they are unsure.

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    pulling it out and recharging the the correct thing to do but the bottom line is it might work until you can get back to it and get them to comvert it to something other than 12. Lets get real the 401A and 12 are very close when it comes to p/t. This ain't rocket science and we have all made mistakes in our lives. Rookie or not. Look at the critical temps - evap / discharge etc and if everything is close you are probably fine. My .02 DaleP
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    We had a very bad problem yesterday, we lost 200 lbs. of R-11 to to a break some where on the large Trane chiller, not sure the whole story but questions are being asked to what went wrong.
    Good money down the drain.
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