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    I have a 3.5 ton Heil in a 2100sf ranch. It does not cool properly and the monthly cost is too high. I did the HVAC-Calc and it calls for a 3.5 ton. The current system runs almost a 100% of the time on a hot day. Is there a rule of thumb as to how much a unit should run if properly sized? I am thinking about a 4 ton 13 seer replacement. Would that make much of a difference or would you reccommend a 5 ton? Also, would it be an advantage to change out the furnace at the same time? Finally, any comments on the Lennox Merit system. Thanks is advance.

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    Mine runs non stop on a hot day. If you search the site there are many posts on the same topic.

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    Oversized is not the right size or thing to do.

    think of it this way.If you needed a two ton,but installed a four ton,the four ton would run half as much as the two ton,right?

    But it costs twice as much to run it!!

    So ,no saving ,high indoor humidty,shortened life due to frequent cycling,etc.,etc..

    If anything look at up grading your attic insulation,check the load and maybe get a 3 ton,saving you money for life.

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    If you're going to oversize, GO OVERSISE!

    Put a 7 1/2 ton commercial unit on your house.

    That ought to cover it! :-)
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    Originally posted by Yellow Dot
    If you're going to oversize, GO OVERSISE!

    Put a 7 1/2 ton commercial unit on your house.

    That ought to cover it! :-)

    Don't forget the economizer .

    Ok, seriously.

    Have you had it serviced lately.

    Has it ever cooled properly.

    As dash said, if you over size it, the humidity will be high, and then you'll turn the stat lower, and it wil cost you as much or more to run it.
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