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    Didn't read the whole thread but same thing happened to me. A technition I talked to told me to run some silcone between the vent and the drywall to keep back pressure (from the vent cover thing) from going up into the attic.

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    If you wrap over existing insulation with a second layer of insulation you should poke some holes in the inner duct wraps vapor barrier....then wrap on the new insulation... this way you have only an outer vapor barrier on the second or outer insulation covering.

    Of course...I would make sure you dont have an airflow or refrigeration problem first.... Most sweating ducts I see are from leaks or restricted airflow problems.

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    these problems are oh so typical in the tampabay area ,we love to hear from HO's about sweating in tropical june,july,august,september & usually ending in october,high end equip. touting humidity control in this area can cause more sweating problems,but normally there were problems before, but never noticed,lower airflow, longer run times on 2 stage equip. with H control,exposes more problems,cool ventilated attics are primary factors on the gulf coast,the HO that still runs the tstat at 72 because they set it that way on the old one,the stupid manufactures that tell the HO to run the fan in the on position,the misinformed contractor or sales person who lacks the experience to properly survey possible problems before the equip. is installed,seen this happen every year after year,the power co. tells people to insulate,ventilate,shade trees,tile roof,the crazy fix i have seen in this area on high end homes,seal all attic venting & insulate attic with foam,then aircondition it & suprise after spending $$$$$$ no more sweat!

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    Thanks for the comments. Foam contractor has already recommended the fix you mentioned @$2500, but then my manual J calcs go out the window as the attic space is very large. My next house will have ducts in the conditioned space, but I have to deal with what I have.

    Looks like I am going to have to cut off the old insulation in the attic to inspect for leaks, then re-insulate, but I am concerned that normal R-6 duct wrap may still not be enough to handle the large temp diff when you use the humidity control.

    The gargage ducts, in sheetrock soffit, are a bigger issue. I am beginning to wonder if the latest and greatest in technology is not so great.... but it's too late to go back to my single speed air handler and single stage compressor.

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    We are in humid Florida,and sweating can be a problem,but there is something causing it,keep looking,you'll find it.

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