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    I was just about ready to sign my contract today with my AC Guy and when we were taking measurements for the Rheem RGPN07EAMGR 4 ton AC Unit, I realized that the long rectangular shape would stick out from under the balcony above and would not be able to be hidden. So my AC Guy suggested the Corsaire 4 ton series instead. Since it is a tower unit, it will fit better than the Classic unit. I can't find any information about the Corsaire on the Rheem site. I did find out that it was a Builder's Unit and was one step below the Classic series. I'm going with 12 Seer and am wondering if there's a price difference between the two and if I'll be happy with it?
    Also, should I consider a Carrier unit, since they make a tower unit also? Space is an issue and I want to make the right decision. I'm feeling a little uncomfortable going with the Corsaire, since it is a step below the Classic Rheem unit, when I was already putting in a lesser unit than I would if I was going to stay in my home longer than 5 years.
    Any thoughts anyone? Corsaire instead of Classic will make me happy? Price should be less than Classic shouldn't it? Will I be happier with a Carrier than a Corsaire?
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    The RGPN is a furnace not a condensing unit.

    The corsair is often used in builder applications.

    I'm not sure I like or understand the idea its going to be installed under a balcony. If you do, you need considerable vertical distance and frankly the Rheem has a lower profile than just about any other. You still need to keep 6 or 8 feet above it.

    I'm guessing you are looking for a little comfort out of this thing and would not personally install a unit with the compressor under the fan, the fan will make noise and it will also make the compressor noise travel vertical as well. Right up to that balcony. Last time I checked sound was a comfort thing.

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    The Corsaire should have a price advantage as it sure does to the dealer. They aren't as easy to work on but nothing is compared to the rectangular Rheems. They're putting a scroll in the 4 ton now, aren't they Doc?

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    Is anyone going to point out, the mandate regarding the 13 seer units? If you are making an upgrade at this point, I would seriously consider upgrading to a 13 seer unit regardless of the brand. This is the new minimum efficiency that takes effect January 2006! Although the other units are obviously still available you will be getting ahead of the game with the higher efficiency purchase. Also consider the alternative refrigerant to R-22. This would be proactive,especially if you have no plans to move in the near future.
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