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    When charging a unit and I know I am close -within a few ounces of refrigerent-to it being properly charged,how do I calculate the liquid refrigerent that I bleed from my high side hose to my low side hose before disconnecting from the unit.This is a case when I am metering liquid r into the low side.I know that method is frowned upon by the professionals here but in my world and with my boss and my customers-they're poor & we don't charge much-I have to do what I can.I know I have gotten a system properly charged before and then I have bled all the r from the high side hose into the low side before desconnecting my low side gauge.So how much does that 5 ft hose hold of liquid r.R-22 specifically.

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    about an ounce of liquid per hose

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    Nothing wrong with metering liquid through the suction.

    Everyone will have to do it with r410a.

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