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Thread: Best Evap Coil

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    Have had wacky times explaining the Infinity T'stat to homeowners. These are usually tech savy people. Once they press and hold the ADVANCED button for 15 seconds you open up a can of worms. These home owners try to ask, analyze and quantify every feature and reading logged in this stat. FYI, that little ECM inducer HUMS at 4000 rpm. Seem to get nuisance calls about them. Ask them if they hear it only when they stand 3 feet from the furnace. Answer- Yes. So I can only reply to stand futher away from it:-)

    Get the Carrier dealer to match you up properly and do a top-notch install.
    meanwhile, back at the ranch.....

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    I have a similar system, but have a 3 ton. I picked out the equipment myself with the help of Carrier experts. I was advised that the CK5P coil was the one to use with the 38TDB.

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    Okay, one more Q and this is the last (until I think of something else). Is an n-coil inherantly better at anything than an a-coil? I would think so because of surface area alone (again, with all other things being equal).

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    It depends on the a-coil and n-coil. I installed a 5 ton high efficiency Trane a-coil once that from certain angles looked nearly as big as the furnace. It had some major surface area.

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    Sorry, Willis does not have the best game in town. Check out the Ruud modulating furnace. With the new 2 stage a/c it can't be beat. i back my dealers better as well
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    From what I have been shown, the best for SEER is not a Carrier..I have been having issues with my Infinity system and had an authorized Carrier guy come out for an eval. He has a book, a hard three ring binder which says carrier on it and the local carrier distributor. In the book it lists the carrier units, by condensor, furnace, coil and what the price and SEER is. (cause of the price he wouldn't let me peer into it) but he told me, that the way my system is set up, which is according to Carrier, is a 14.5 seer. But, below this, there is another coil choice which I am sure he told me wasn't Carrier, but in fact raises the SEER to 16. He told me that he never installs the factory coil as he strives to give the customer the best efficiency so he uses the "after market?" unit? Point is there are choices which are in fact recommended for the units..Or at least appear to be..


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    Boy, it sure get old hearing the "in the installer stupid"
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    To get the best match go to ARI site:

    You can see the differn't coils and how they compare. Just select the manufactor then the equipment.

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