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    Hello, I did graduated at Decker College last year. I got HVAC EPA license all of it Part one thur part 4. I am hard of hearing. I really want to work HVAC disturbition or stores. And also I like to work autocad for HVAC and can be Electric. Please e-mail me. I am working so hard to find a job for one year and half. Or to work office works for HVAC with light hand-on HVAC tech.

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    I have just moved from orlando to titusville,I found that working in orlando is worth the drive. Not sure why but company's on east coast pay 3-5 dollars less per hour

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    it's true in orlando the hourly rate is higher and usually benefits are better. if your looking for a union job contact the sheet metal union their out of orlando but their doing some work in melbourne.

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    Try Total Comfort,or Mike Morrello

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