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    I recently bought a new (to me!) home, and it has a 1983 Ruud central air/heating system that still works. Where is the air filter? I have checked in the furnace/waterheater closet, but have yet to see it. Do I have to take the thing apart to find it, and if so, how? Please advise. Also, please don't comment on my ignorance for such things...I have never had a central air system that is so old and I can't afford to break it just now. Thank you

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    it should be in the return air part of your system. either a filter grille on the wall or possibly where your return duct connects to your furnace/airhandler. maybe post some pics or ask a neighbor. hard to be exact from my couch.

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    look for a grill in the celing of a hallway with two thumb screws or spring clips


    look at your furnace - it will be at one of the ends of the furnace

    or wherever your returns are

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    fordellcastle - as much as we preach to people about changeing the filter i doubt anyone will give you a hard time - as far as I am concerned your all right - makes our lives easier - getting called out to a house in middle of the night to find the air filter was plugged and have them try to stiff you on the bill aint fun. Good luck and ask away!!!

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    Thank you all-I found it and changed it. It still isn't cooling like it should, though. I will call a pro tomorrow-and pay him, too!

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