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    I am looking for a condenser fan motor to replace my G.E. model #5kcp39bgn758bs. it showes rot-----> with the shaft in the up position. would this be considered a ccwse and a cwle rotation. Determining the shaft rotation is confusing to me. My motor is mounted vertically with the shaft down.
    Any help would be apreciated.

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    motor rotation is most commonly stated when one is looking at the end of the shaft.

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    that would be both ccwse and cwle. If on the other hand it showed the arrow going the other direction it would be either cwse or ccwle. (se= shaft end view) (le = lead end view).....

    I think.

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    All G.E. Motors I've seen use the lead end to determine rotation.

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    Every brand of motor I have delt with in HVAC reference the motor rotation from the lead end of the motor.

    In your case, if the arrow is pointing to the right with the shaft up, it is a CW rotation motor.

    Fan blade and blower wheel rotation is from the hub side of the motor, so a fan blade or blower wheel that is listed as CCW will usually have a CW motor, but there are exeptions.
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