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Thread: Foot in Mouth

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    Multiply by 6.5 to 7 and that gives you L R A

    Starting amps can be in the hundreds for the first millisecond!

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    No , you all failed to see the real reason he had problems with his unit:

    I was have a beer or 12 with my neighbor at my home

    now multiply the LRA x the 12 beers and your answer will be the square of the headache after the beer

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    Starting amps can be in the hundreds for the first millisecond!

    I've metered the start before and seen as much as 80 to 90.
    My meter has peak lock, so what ever the highest reading is it locks at that number.

    I've never seen one in the hunderds, on res. maybe comm.
    50 to 60 may be more commen in res.

    But I'm not desputing your claim.

    But how can lock rotor be lower the start amps,
    Lock rotor is full amps with no motor turn.
    Start amps are brief and then falls back.

    Make me understand.

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    If you try to fail, and succeed.
    Which have you done ?

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    Have a beer or 12 like I do and everything makes sense!

    Regards and have a great day,

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