Not a real problem, "I HOPE!" but last night I replaced the contactor on the condensing unit for my neighbor. (Tempstar 3.5 ton, circa 1999) the compressor cycled, but the fan would not shut down on the CU.

After I finished and had their system up and running again, I was have a beer or 12 with my neighbor at my home when I made comment that I had not had troubles with my CU (exact same one as his). about that time we walked into the house (needed more beer) and I noticed that it was 77 degrees on the t-stat, blower was working, went outside and CU was not running.

Tripped breaker, damn and I was bragging on this Tempstar P.O.S. Reset breaker and started system, pulled cover off disconnect and check amp draw. 18.6 on both legs, Panel gives FLA of 18.7, so all is good.

Just makes me wonder if I need to quit bragging on the quality or non-quality of equipment.

Although I iwll be glad when this one dies so I will have an excuse to put a Carrier or Trane system in.