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    I am getting estimates to replace two entire HVAC units in my house.

    I am looking at the trane furnace brochure and wanted to know what the difference between XR80 and XB80 were. I noticed that one has a nitride surface igniter and the other has a carbide surface igniter. What does this mean?

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    Yeh, the one with the carbide is JUNK!

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    XB is a cheaper built furnace. I'm not as quick to dismiss the older ignition system though. We've changed so darn many of the Intell-ignition boards that I have a hard time wanting to recommend that system as reliable. I've seen little improvement in ignitor life with the 80v nitride ignitors. We've found less problems with a brand that uses line voltage nitrides though.

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    I was mainly talking about the 24v Nitride that ICP has used for over 10 years... VERY RELIABLE!

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    Very true. Rare to have to change one of them. The pesky 80v models used by the Intell-ignition system on A-S/Trane, Lennox & Amana however are a pain!

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    thanks for the input. not sure what models have teh 24v nitride.

    back to the trane system, will i see a difference between the units in the next 5 to 6 years?

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    24volt systems...

    AirQuest, Arcoaire, Comfortmaker, Heil, Tempstar, KeepRite, (some of Armstrong & Air Ease)

    Basically anything with the 'Honeywell Smart Valve' system.

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    The nitride ignitor is far superior to the carbon ignitor!

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