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    Preferred portable air purifier/cleaner??

    I am looking to add a standalone unit to help clean the air in the master bedroom (300 sq.ft). I am in the proccess of also upgrading the whole house IAQ (see other thread) but would also like to clean/purify the air even more where we sleep.. I have seen some nicer models at Lowes for $225-375 but would like some guidance from those who know... instead of those who work at Lowes

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    I prefer the cheaper Idylis models at Lowes because they're quieter. I own them, as well as filters from other brands including some costing several times more, but guess which ones I carry around to hotel rooms and run. The Idylis are cheap, quiet, and really portable. The main downside is being locked in for replacement filters. Compare the noise/cfm of the cheaper ones vs the top end Idylis. The more expensive Idylis models, with all their gizmos and fancy shapes, are noisier per cfm of clean air. On top of that, I'm not a fan (pun unintended) of UV and ionizers for portable air filters so they are actually less value for more money. The smallest one fits on a desk and is nice to have to cool down.
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    Air filters aren't that bad

    I'd rather a filter be catching and trapping debris than my lungs!

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    i like the EUROMATE, i used to sell them in Italy, many years ago.

    a bit expensive, but man, that stuff work great

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