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    You should be reading 8 to 12 ohms across a 24V contactor coil, you're definately shorted if you're only getting 1.
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    Re: did it

    Originally posted by Hroper
    Blow the fuse before you replaced the T-stat?
    Yes, actually. The unit is for the daylight basement, and as such, used infrequently (never gets too hot down there). We went to run it for a while to give it some exercise and noticed it wouldn't come on. That's when we discovered the blown 3A fuse.

    From there it was trial and error, and today I think I'll order the replacement contactor from McMaster-Carr based on the help I've received here.

    EDIT: I got the replacement contactor today and installed it. A/C runs like a champ, thanks to all who helped out.

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