determining a split for my townhome
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    Hi, my name is Bob, and I have been perusing these boards rarely for the past couple of years. I was wondering about replacing my Heil air handler which is a 2 ton, and 17 years old, as well as my condenser which is a Lennox and about 7 years old and 2 and a half tons. My townhouse which is here in Tampa Bay Florida is upstairs downstairs and just under 1,100 square feet. In the summer when the average temperature is 92 degrees, my system can barely keep the house cool to 80-82 degrees when I set the t-stat to 78. I have kept the system clean and filtered. I am wondering if a new 2 and half ton air handler and a new 2 and a half ton condenser, also with a scroll instead of a recip, to keep things quiet in my small back yard, would be the way to go in these new times. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated, Thank-You, Bob
    P.S. My house is wooden and not very well insulated in the walls. My air handler is in the attic, and we just had a new roof installed with lighter colored shingles as opposed to the darker original ones.

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    There's really not enough information to make an informed recommendation. You should get heat load calculation done. A real calc done right will tell you what size system you need.

    You seem to be saying that you have an undersized cooling coil compared to the AC. Such a configuration would typically be installed to increase humidity removal at the expense of temperature reduction. A bigger coil compared to the AC (as you're thinking for the new unit) would typically drop the temperature better and remove moisture not as well. Coil and air conditioner match up data is published by manufacturers. The best coil + AC match up would be determined by a heat load calc and then finding a coil + AC that best matches that calc.

    But... Before we start talking about new units, do we even know if your old one is working OK? It's good that you've kept up on filters. But how do you know it's working right?

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    Have a load calculation done,when calling let them know ,your concerns and that you want a load calculation.Often they will just go to the 2.5 ton based on your concerns.This is NOT the best thing to do.

    How do your neighbors systems work?If theirs are fine ,yours should be as well.

    We just north of Tampa,in New Port Richey area,we work in the northwest part of Hillsbrough if you need and estimate and load calculation,just call Harry at 800-282-0083.

    Adding a half a ton ,will likely Require duct system changes for the extra air flow,insist they check and guarantee that the duct system will handle 2.5 tons if that's what is needed.

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    Thanks for your help guys. I was just getting a good idea about increasing by a half ton based on my heat load during the summer afternoons. I've done an effiency test by calculating my amps, temperatures, and cfm's. This has proved to be efficient. I do know that running the fan will control humidity. My main question I guess is if the half ton is upgraded will it not only provide better cooling, but also control the humidity as well? Also I'm thinking of getting one of those Carrier Infinity systems with a scroll compressor for more quietness. Thanks again..

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