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    i have a bryant heatpump i am working on went out found compressor grounded, so i replaced compressor put clean up kit pulle 500micron vacume recharged,laet run for 15 min, unit has a txv on indoor coil, but its in the coil and not wrapped (should it be)anyway suction read 80 psig at 50degrees, head pressure was 220 at 110 degrees,outside air tem 89 degrees inside 85 degrees,suction line 59degrees when i checked my subcooling the liquid line temp was also 108 degrees the unit calls for 9 degree subcooling that would only give me 2 degrees, so i add little mor the more i added ,my line temp went up with it ,checked line for restriction at drier not temp increase whatso ever so my thinking is it may have a bad txv wich is starving the outdoor unt causing the compressor to fail i,m new at this and would like some advice, model number is a 661cjx018,coil is also and o18 dont have full number thanks

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    You have a problem in the condenser. The superheat's fine at 9 degree's,better at around 12,but this isn't the problem.You have 2 degree's of subcooling, which means the refrigerant isn't condensing properly. it also usually condensing at 30 degrees over ambient....30+89= 119, not 110. Clean that condenser and look for restrictions,and also check the fan operation and rv . Good luck.
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    Possibly one or more outdoor coil circuits could be restricted with trash from the compressor burnout.

    Try running the heat pump in heat mode without the fan running and observe the frost on the distributor tubes.

    If any tube is not frosting that is the point of the restriction.

    Just a thought.

    Good luck.
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