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    Is there any way to convert Armstrong model numbers into Lennox model numbers? If not is there anywhere to find actual info on Armstrong models, their website doesn't list ANY real info such as efficiency or features. Specifically I'm looking for info on their furnace G293 and AC unit SCU14.

    Also if anyone here's from the Cleveland area or knows a good contractor in said area I would love a recomendation as I haven't been thrilled with either of the two I've recieved quotes from.

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    CC Dickson handles Armstrong if you have one in your area they can fix you up.

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    Armstrong models are their own in residential, no crosses to Lennox. Only exception is the 14 SEER R410a model which is made by Lennox but a de-featured model. The G293 uses a stainless steel heat exchanger vs Lennox's aluminizied steel. Simple Honeywell controls with 120V Norton mini-ignitor. Lennox uses the less than reliable (from our experience at least) W-R Intell-ignition with 80V ignitors. The SCU14 is a nice unit with full cabinet, Copeland scroll under a cover.

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