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    That looks like the a diffent company like I stated earlier. Could also be restricted.....
    If everything was always done "by the book"....the book would never change.

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    i dont believe this stuff, they cant even troubleshoot a system

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    it may not be a leak and he over charged it trying to over come a restricktion. and now he is trying to hide his inability to realy fix the unit. i also could be very wrong about this but it is not all that uncomon if some guys go only by the guages and mostly the low one if it dont look right they just add untill it does. did he take temp reading inside and out side at the unit or just juice it up and go.when i see ice forming like yours is i will take a look at that spot because it is very likely that is where it is restricted
    i could also be way off base here to just doing a little thinking

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    the freezing is taking place at the metering device, where low temp high pressure liquid becomes a low temp. low pressure vapor.

    this looks like a carrier set up where there is a screen in the line just prior to the metering device. the screen can clog with debris and cause this problem (a restriction).

    have them pump down the system, remove and clean or replace the screen.

    i have just removed
    screen (not the metering device) and replaced with a filter/drier here, since a new f/d was needed due to the opening of the system.

    evacuate and recharge to manufacturer specs.

    the flare fitting here is notorious for leaking as well.

    good luck.

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